BROEN balls

BROEN quality



  • The quality objective of BROEN must be achieved through the maintenance and continued development of a quality management system that involves all functions, departments and staff members in the understanding of the importance of the quality concept to the customer.  
  • The activities related to the management of the quality of our products constitute a cross-organisational task that involves all staff members in a shared task. 
  • Any error made anywhere in the company is undesirable. All the company resources focused on quality management must be administered in such a way that the main focus is on the prevention of errors – seen from an overall cost point of view. 



  • The production of the BROEN components and finished products must be based on clear and specifically described requirements that are visible, operational and achievable for all staff members affected.
  • The BROEN staff must through practice and instruction be able to influence own work processes to achieve the quality level specified.
  • The BROEN production facilities must be maintained to such an extent that the process capability is in agreement with the drawing specifications at all times.


3. R&D

  • New BROEN products must be developed in a controlled and coordinated cooperation with the customer and in coordination with the activities of other functions so that the product designed represents the overall abilities of the company to market products that meet the expectations of the customer with regard to functionality and reliability as well as to the product standards that form the basis of the product approvals of the authorities.



  • BROEN must always be able to offer a factual account of the applications and limitations of the products and must be able to guide and advise the customer in the application of the products. 
  • BROEN’s day-to-day contact to the customers must be controlled and coordinated so that the customers are confident that all concluded agreements are observed.


  • The BROEN quality management system must observe and maintain the fundamental requirements to the quality of the products described in relevant specifications and it must be possible for all staff members to achieve the specified quality by complying with the procedures and instructions determined.
  • BROEN’s quality management system must furthermore be of such a nature that recognized errors anywhere in the organisation are analysed and so that the required measures for continuing quality improvement are initiated and implemented systematically and efficiently.
  • BROEN’s quality management system must comply with the requirements of national and international standards wherever relevant.



  • Whenever it is financially advantageous BROEN’s purchases will be made according to the Just-In-Time principle so that the tie-up of capital is as low as possible. This policy sets the stage for a close and long-standing cooperation with a limited number of suppliers and facilitates a speedy and simple clarification of the BROEN quality requirements to the supplies and later quality problems, if any.
  • BROEN will maintain and develop a close contact with our dealers in relation to the order handling of standard products in order to obtain a high rate of delivery service and delivery security (a mutually assistance principle) as well as an improved capacity planning and a smooth production flow.