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BROEN LAB safety checks

The van is ready and set, the time manager is filled with appointments and a new and interesting day is ahead for BROEN LAB service consultant, Bo Greve. In July 2011 BROEN LAB performed its first safety check in Denmark and it was a great success. But what is a safety check?  

A safety check is first and foremost a visit to your company by a service consultant from BROEN LAB who among other things checks the existing emergency showers, eye wash bottles, accessibility to the installations and the visibility of emergency signs.  Based on the safety check your company receives a report which informs of the current state for the emergency shower installations and clarifies defects. The report will also inform of recommended improvements which can be made to enhance safety regarding emergency installations – based on a specific offer.

The companies, which have had a safety check, have been very satisfied with it and many have already placed orders at BROEN LAB for missing and new emergency items in order to improve personal safety in the company.

The new safety check ha also contributed to a new collaboration with a local company in Assens, PLUM A/S, which among other things produces different types of emergency eye shower bottles. And these bottles are part of the product range which BROEN LAB offers its customers at a safety check. Both BROEN LAB and PLUM A/S see this collaboration as a win-win-situation, as it will strengthen both companies’ brands within the emergency shower field. The co-operation started in December 2010 and since then BROEN LAB and PLUM A/S have shared ideas, knowledge and experience, this has contributed to improved product knowledge, new marketing material as well as useful network contacts. 

BROEN LAB sees both the co-operation with PLUM A/S and the new safety check concept as a way of becoming Danish customers’ preferred supplier of emergency shower systems.

You can read more about the safety check in BROEN LAB’s webpage.